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Taking out insurance for old cars can be the best solution for those who have a car that has been in use for more than 10 years and want to protect it.


If you are interested in insurance for old cars, that is, those over 10 years old, you should be aware. After all, most insurance companies do not work with this category of vehicles.

According to them, the main reason is the difficulty in finding spare parts, since they are no longer manufactured by automakers, only in the parallel market. In addition, although they do not say, the low price of the vehicle in the market also ends up making the business unfeasible.


So, if you have a “baby” on four wheels and would like to protect it, keep reading this article and see how insurance for old cars works and find out if it is possible to hire this service.


How does old car insurance work?


The modality of insurance for old cars is a vehicle protection aimed at cars with more than 10 years of manufacture. It mainly aims to offer protection for cases of theft, robbery, collision and 24-hour assistance.


It is worth mentioning that vintage car insurance does not have all the coverage of traditional insurance. However, depending on the insurance company, you may have some extra coverage.


As already mentioned, old vehicles are generally not accepted under normal insurance coverage, due to the difficulty in finding replacement parts in the event of a partial loss.

Just like traditional car insurance, this type of coverage allows the use of used parts from duly authorized dismantling.


This makes the task of finding replacement parts for these automobiles less arduous. In addition, it also has the advantage of making the value of this type of insurance much more affordable than those practiced by traditional insurance.


However, it is worth mentioning that this type of insurance is not the same used for cars with black plates. In other words, collector cars that have been manufactured for more than 30 years and preserve their original characteristics.


The big difference is that old car insurance is aimed at cars over 10 years old that still run normally. 

In any case, if your car already has insurance and is 10 years old, it may be worthwhile to renew it, you can remain with the same protection you already have. That is, you will not need to take out insurance for old cars.


How to insure old cars?


To take out insurance for old cars, it is essential that you make several quotes with different insurance companies, in order to find out which one would accept to take your car.

In this case, a very valid tip is to use an online insurance buyer, which makes this process much easier.

Upon entering the requested information about the vehicle and the main driver, several insurance quotes from several companies will appear.


Benefits of old car insurance


This type of insurance offers several benefits. See below:


Protection against theft and theft


With this type of auto insurance, the user is properly protected in case their car is stolen or stolen. 

If after the accident the vehicle is recovered, the insurance company pays for the repair of possible damages. If it is not found, the user receives full insurance compensation. 


Flexibility in parts


Another advantage of old car insurance is that it allows the use of used parts, which makes protection more affordable. 

In addition, it is usually easier and cheaper to find parts in authorized scrap yards, since when some cars stop being manufactured, their parts also follow the same path.


24-hour assistance


Most insurance companies that work with coverage for vintage cars offer 24-hour assistance. With it, the user can usually count on tire change and winch services.


No profile evaluation


In most cases, in this type of insurance, there is no assessment of the driver’s profile. In conventional insurance, this analysis is a fundamental part of the quotation, having the power to make the protection cheaper or more expensive, according to the probability of the user suffering a claim.


A female driver pays less for insurance than a young male driver. This is due to the fact that women suffer fewer accidents in traffic, which demonstrates a low risk of accidents of this type for insurers.

However, as there is practically no such assessment in insurance for vintage cars, there is not much difference in price according to the driver’s profile.

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