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7 Reasons That Show How Important It Is To Have Car Insurance

If you can’t understand why it’s important to have car insurance, don’t worry. In this article we will show some reasons that illustrate this need well.

Currently, buying a vehicle means investing an amount, often very high and in many installments.
In other words, having a car is acquiring a very expensive and extremely valuable asset for our comfort and quality of life.

And so that this investment is not in vain, it is important to have car insurance.
Even though this is a high investment, many people still resist taking out insurance. It is no wonder that about 80% of the national fleet of vehicles still circulates without having auto insurance.
That’s why we’re going to present to you 7 reasons that show how important it is to have car insurance.

Discover the 7 reasons that show how important it is to have car insurance

1- The rates of robbery and theft are increasing

Regardless of the region you live in, you will certainly be exposed to violence on a daily basis.
And that includes robberies and theft, according to the 2021 Government Public Security Yearbook, a vehicle is stolen every 1 minute in Pak.

You don’t want to miss out on a vehicle you just bought that you might have to pay for the next 60 months in just one minute, do you?
Remember that if your vehicle is stolen, your mortgage will not be paid off. Unless you have car insurance.

2- We are constantly exposed to accidents

As much as you are a conscientious driver and practice defensive driving, in traffic you will always be exposed to other vehicles and drivers who may not be as careful as you.

That way, if someone gets in front of you without giving an arrow, or even gets in your back out of distraction, you’ll be protected from having to pay for your car repairs.
And the other person’s vehicle.

In addition, if you happen to be responsible for the accident and you have coverage for a third party, you will not have to bear the costs of repairing the other vehicle, much less pay the deductible for the insurance to take responsibility.

3- You drive a lot with your car!

It doesn’t matter what you use your car for, whether it’s for work, going to school, or for any other reason.

If you drive it constantly, and you tend to leave it on the street.
The more we use a vehicle, the more it is exposed to the risk of accidents or theft. In addition, having the habit of leaving the vehicle parked on the street only increases this risk.
By having auto insurance, preferably with comprehensive coverage, you guarantee your investment and protect your vehicle from possible problems.

4- 24h assistance can help you when you need it most!

Imagine that you locked the car door, got out of it and closed the door, forgetting the key inside.
Now imagine this happened on a Friday and you just got to work. How are you going to leave after work?

Having car insurance at these times is very important.

If you have more complete coverage, you can count on 24-hour assistance, request a locksmith, and solve your problem quickly, without further inconvenience or payment of any deductibles.

Insurance is also important in other situations, for example, you are coming home on a Saturday morning and your car stops working. If you have insurance in this case, all you need to do is request a tow truck.

5- Protection for natural phenomena

If you live in a large urban center, you know that at any moment a heavier rain can happen and cause great damage to the city and your car.
Flooding, falling trees and lightning, as well as different other natural problems are becoming more and more common.

That’s why it’s important to have car insurance that covers these situations, so if your car is damaged because of a flood or something, you can trigger the insurance, pay the deductible and hope that it solves the whole problem.

6- Liability – What if you crash into someone else’s car?

No matter how cautious a person is, he is never free from being involved in an accident.
A second of distraction can be all it takes to get your car into the back of another vehicle.
Now stop to think, what if that happens and by bad luck you end up hitting one of those very expensive imported cars?

The repair will be a fortune right!? Well, if you have auto insurance, with third-party coverage, you don’t have to worry about that.

Just trigger it and report the claim, assuming the blame and all necessary repairs will be made by the insurance company. The best part is that this coverage has no deductible.
That is, you will only have to pay it if you have to repair something in your car and you want to use insurance for this.

7- Do you travel by car often?

Do you travel often, always take the road by car? Having car insurance is therefore very important.
Most insurance coverage, even the simplest, has national coverage.
This means that no matter where you go, if any problem happens to your car, you will be protected.

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