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4 Reasons to Get Home Insurance (Right Now!)

Only you know how hard you work to conquer and keep the most important things in your life. I don’t know if you’ve stopped to think about it, but I start today’s text with this invitation: how did you get here?

One of the great pillars of a happy and complete life is the home. Everything here that involves caring for the sacred place in which we live is always delicate, interesting and the subject of much discussion.

From the furniture that you and your family have chosen with care to the whims of decoration, going through the choice of simple finishing items, everything is a reason for dreams, long conversations and, of course, pride.

Neither me, nor you, nor anyone else wants anything to happen with such achievements, right? The keyword today is tranquility, that is, being sure that your choices and decisions can be protected and maintained in the event of an emergency or situation that is out of control.

We have already discussed the importance of car and life insurance on other occasions and today is the day to talk about home insurance. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a house, an apartment, a mansion or a summer house, unexpected (and expensive) situations can appear without warning, right?


Check out four reasons to get good home insurance:

It’s relatively cheap (great value for money) There are several insurance options available on the market, and, contrary to what many people think, there are cheap options that offer excellent coverage.

To get an idea, according to experts, with approximately R$ 300.00 per year it is possible to hire a good basic protection service for your home (fire, electrical damage, explosions, for example).

A one-off repair can be much more expensive than the insurance premium, plus there are many benefits to the plans currently offered, ranging from discounts on other services to even professional help with items outside of the original coverage.

The average amount to be paid does not exceed 0.3% of the total amount to be paid in the event of the need to rebuild the property. The golden tip is always to do a research among insurers before hiring insurance.

01.Apartments have cheaper insurance

 Still on the cost/benefit issue, insurance for apartments is usually cheaper. This is an interesting advantage, after all many peoples have opted for this alternative due to the feeling of security.

You might think that in an apartment the risks of problems are lower, but this is not true. Insurance also makes a difference in this case. One of the reasons apartment insurance is cheaper is the fact that the law requires condominiums to have building insurance.

In this way, apartment dwellers end up hiring only those referring to damages associated with what exists inside the apartment, such as furniture and appliances, or possible renovations.

02.Variety of toppings

In residential insurance, the person may choose to include several services in their deductible. Two good examples of this are the work done by electricians and locksmiths. These are products negotiated separately from the conventional ones, such as fire, lightning and explosions, but which change very little the value of the premium.

An important information that needs to be mentioned is the fact that some goods are not part of the coverage, as in the case of jewelry and works of art. Even so, most of the items can be part of the coverage, which gives an interesting possibility of customization for different types of homes and families.

Examples of additional coverage are electrical damage, collapse, vehicle impacts including aircraft, theft and theft, damage caused by gale, strong wind and hail, broken glass and family liability.

03.Tranquility and continuity of life projects

Insurance is always calculated and worked out according to the characteristics of each client, that is, type of residence, their assets, cost of rebuilding the house, desired coverage, profile and so on.

Ah, speaking of goods, it is essential to have the Invoices of everything to detail in an eventual Bulletin of Occurrences and prove the purchase to the insurance company.

As a curiosity, electrical damage (38%), theft (27%) and windstorm (13%) are the main cases of home insurance in our country. Thus, the most important thing is to define/choose the necessary coverage and work with the broker in order to evaluate everything you want to protect.


With the occurrence of an accident, continuity and tranquility will be maintained and the home will be affected only temporarily – the company will try to reimburse the customer as guaranteed in the contract.

04.Protection from simple (but expensive) things

Everyone has a story of an electronics or household item that “blew out” or “burned out” after a storm or heavy rain with thunder and lightning.

Depending on the product in question, the game can be expensive at the time of repair. Home insurance with the simplest coverage can be very efficient in this regard, protecting your assets. That alone makes the whole discussion make sense.

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